Nick is the principle artist at Old Nicks studio and has an extensive TWENTY year background in graphic design and art. He has worked at THREE tattoo studios before opening his own, gaining great skills and knowledge in the tattoo industry. He was helped greatly by his brother Dee, who we are fortunate to have as a fellow tattooist at our studio. It was Dee who put Nick through a tough but inspiring apprenticeship and Nick has been totally immersed in the art ever since.

The highest priority for all of us here at Old Nicks is that you leave our studio with something that you can really feel proud of. For that reason we are more than happy to sit down with you and explore and discuss all of the possibilities that will ultimately ensure that you get what you want and more.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a fully qualified piercer and all piercings are available. See the News page for more details and phone the studio on 01521 820023 to chat over your personal preferences and/or to make a booking.

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